The Jersey Golf Union was formed to look after and administer the competitions and events open to Amateur playing male members of the affiliated Jersey Golf Clubs under the following list :

(i) To promote, administer and encourage male amateur golfers throughout Jersey

(ii) To assist in maintaining a uniform system of handicapping

(iii) To arrange and organise the annual calendar of Island male, Senior, Super Senior and Junior Championships

(iv) To arrange and organise golf matches with other Channel Islands and Counties.

(v) To encourage and promote the interests of golf at all levels and to co-operate and encourage all affiliated Clubs in those objectives

(vi) To act in conjunction with Hampshire Golf Union, England Golf and other County or District Unions or Associations on all matters of golf.

(vii) To act on actions proposed by the Councils and England Golf which may affect or be desirable for our Members

(viii) To arrange and organise Male Team for the bi-annual Island Games

The funding of the JGU comes from affiliation fees paid by each of the Full playing Male members of affiliated Clubs. This funding covers the core activities of the JGU but further funding that is required to administer Competitions, Inter Island matches and County matches comes from sponsors.

The Management Committee enlisted to run the affairs of the JGU is based on the following elected Officers:
President, Secretary, Treasurer, Junior Chairman, Senior Chairman, Club Representatives from each of the affiliated Clubs, Island Team Captain

The roles and voting rights of the above officers can be found in the Jersey Golf Union Constitution. Generally all officers are elected annually with the exception of the President who is elected on a 5 year term of office. Three meetings a year are held and all Club Representatives should be in attendance to represent their Club.