JGU Constitution


The JGU shall be responsible for the organisation and running of events open to amateur playing male members of affiliated Jersey Golf Clubs :

1. To promote, administer and encourage male amateur golf throughout Jersey.
2. To assist in maintaining a uniform system of handicapping.
3. To arrange and administer the annual Island, Senior, Super Senior and Junior Championships.
4. To arrange and manage golf matches with other Channel Islands and Counties.
5. To arrange and manage such competitions, matches and other events as the JGU consider desirable.
6. To encourage and promote the interests of golf at all levels and to co-operate with all affiliated Clubs in those objects.
7. To act in conjunction with Hampshire Golf Union and England Golf and other County or District Unions or Associations on any of the
aforesaid objects.
8. To take such action from time to time as the Council may consider desirable for the benefit of its Members.

The JGU shall be governed by the Management Committee which shall consist of the following Officers:

1. President
2. Secretary
3. Treasurer
4. Junior Chairman
5. Senior Chairman
6. Club Representatives
7. Island Captain

The Officers shall have voting powers set out respectively in the Officers section below.
The Management Committee shall have the power to delegate certain of its functions to sub-committees where it deems it appropriate.



The President shall be elected annually by the Management Committee. He may be re-elected for a maximum period of 5 years in total after which he shall stand down for a minimum period of 1 year. The President shall have one
vote and in the event of a tied vote he shall also have a casting vote.

The secretary shall be appointed annually by the management committee and shall be responsible for organising and running JGU events each year. An Honorarium shall be paid annually as determined by the management committee. The Secretary shall have one vote.

The Treasurer shall be appointed annually by the committee who shall be responsible for maintaining and keeping books of accounts for the financial year which shall run from 1st January to 31st December. Copies of the annual accounts shall be sent to all affiliated clubs. The Treasurer shall have one vote.

The JGU shall appoint annually a chairman of Junior Golf representing golfers aged 18 and under. He shall be responsible for the composition of his own Junior Committee which shall be responsible for the organisation and running of their group and the selection
of representative teams. The Junior Committee shall appoint a Junior team Captain. The Junior Chairman shall have one vote.

The JGU shall appoint annually a chairman of Senior Golf (golfers aged 55 and over). His committee shall consist of one representative from all affiliated clubs in the Island and any other person the Chairman appoints. The Senior Committee shall appoint a Senior team Captain for all representative team matches. The Chairman shall have one vote.


Each affiliated Island Club shall nominate annually one member to represent it on the Management Committee. They shallserve for as long as their Club continues to nominate them. Power tonominate or remove their Club Representative from the management committee rests solely with the Represented Club. Each Club Representative shall have one vote at all times except in mattersrelating to amendments to the constitution or dissolution in which case each Club Representative shall have one vote for every 100 members paying the relevant subscriptions for that year (numbers to be rounded to the nearest 100 members and each Club will have at least 1 vote).

At the beginning of each year the Officers shall elect an Island Captain to be responsible for selecting a scratch team to represent Jersey against Guernsey, the Island Games Competition and any other representative matches that may arise. The Captain shall have one vote.

Committee meetings shall be held as and when required and must be attended by a minimum of 4 voting members before a quorum is formed. Notifications of committee meetings shall be given at least 7 days in advance in writing unless otherwise agreed by the Club Representatives of all affiliated clubs. For matters relating to the constitution at least 30 days notice shall be given in writing. Each Club shall have the right to introduce an alternative representative if the nominated representative is unable to attend a meeting. The President shall chair the meetings and in the event he is absent a Chairman shall be elected from the Management Committee.

An Annual General Meeting shall be held in January/February to elect a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Senior Chairman, Junior Chairman and Island Captain for the year, to review the financial position of the JGU to set subscription levels and to deal with any other business. Any management committee member wishing an item to be considered at the AGM must notify the Secretary at least 14 days before the date of the meeting.


All Island Clubs affiliated to the Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands Golf Union shall automatically be affiliated to the JGU subject to payment of the relevant subscriptions decided upon from time to time by the Management Committee.

Teams for the Island, Junior and Senior Teams shall be made by each relevant Captain. All selected teams shall be approved by the JGU President. Players selected must have been a resident, and a full playing member of an Island Golf Club for the twelve months prior to the date of a match or who are ordinarily resident in the Island (e.g. students).

The Committee shall elect annually a representative to sit on the Council of Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands Golf Union. The representative may be chosen from outside the Management Committee.

Only amateur playing male members of affiliated clubs (includes Juniors, Colts, Full Playing, Senior and 5 day members) may compete in JGU events unless designated “open” events in which case the rules appertaining to a particular event shall apply. Entry in competitions organised by the JGU shall be subject to rules laid down for each event in conjunction with the Championship General Conditions. Players in competitions organised by the JGU shall be bound by the Codes of Conduct in the next section but shall not be required to confirm their confirmation by signing them.

A Code of Conduct shall be maintained by the Management Committee. The Management Committee shall have the power to discipline persons participating or assisting in events organised by or representing the JGU if the Committee considers the status or reputation of the JGU has been brought into question. Each person disciplined shall have the right of appeal to a panel made up of the President of the JGU and 2 Club Captains of affiliated Clubs.

Proposals for any alterations to the Constitution must be forwarded to the JGU Secretary, who in consultation with the other elected members of the Management Committee, will call a Management Committee meeting to discuss the proposals giving the Club representatives at least 30 days notice. Any changes to the constitution must be agreed by a majority vote of the Management Committee with the Clubs Representatives using their representative number of votes as set out in the Officers section above.

The dissolution of the JGU must be agreed by the Management Committee with the Clubs Representatives using their representative number of votes as set out in the Officers section above. The Clubs Representatives must be given at least 30 days notice for calling the meeting. In the event it is agreed to the dissolution of the JGU, its assets and properties shall be distributed amongst individual Member Clubs as may be directed by the Management Committee.

January 2015