JGU General Conditions

The following General Conditions will apply to all Jersey Golf Union (JGU) events. 

1. Rules of Golf  - All JGU events shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and such Local Rules,  Conditions of Competition and Regulations as shall be approved by the JGU. 

2. Amateur Status - All players must be male and of amateur status as defined by the Rules of Amateur Status of the R & A. 

3. Entry Method and Fees 

(a) All entries must be completed and received by the JGU by 18.00 hours on the date entries  close. They must be accompanied by payment. No entry will be accepted for players who are indebted to the JGU.

(bNo entry fee will be refunded after the closing date unless an entrant has been balloted out and does not subsequently compete.

(c) All entries shall be subject to the approval of the JGU, which reserves the right to accept or  refuse an entry without giving reason for its decision. The decision of the JGU shall be  final.

4. Entry Qualification


(a) Be a full playing member of an Island Club affiliated to the JGU.

(b) Have resided in Jersey for the previous twelve months prior to the starting date of the  Championship, or are ordinarily resident in the Island.

(c) Players wishing to enter a JGU event must be in possession of a “competition” CONGU  handicap.

5. Withdrawals

(a) A player will forfeit his entry fee if he withdraws after the closing date for entries.

(a) Any player who:

(i) withdraws from an event after the draw has been published, or (ii) fails to appear on the tee at their appointed start time, or (iii) having qualified in an event fail to appear must without delay, furnish the JGU with a  satisfactory explanation or they may be barred from  entering JGU events as the JGU  committee may decide.

6. Reserves

(a) In individual stroke play events, a reserve list will be maintained by the JGU. Should a  place become available, reserves will be invited to play in the order they are listed on the  reserve list.

(b) In the event of a late withdrawal of a player, a reserve who is present at the venue may be  offered the vacated start place. 

7. Inclement Weather 

If, in the opinion of the JGU, it becomes impossible to complete an event in accordance with the  JGU Championship Conditions because of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances, the  JGU may vary the Conditions to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available.

8. Decision of Ties

In the event that there is a tie for either first place or, the last remaining qualifying place, then it shall  be decided on the last round, then the last 9,6,3 or 1 hole of the last completed round.

9. Trophies

All trophies won by players in a JGU event will be held at the home club of the player. 

10. Golf Buggies

The JGU may allow Golf Buggies subject to a player proving that his home club is in possession  of a medical certificate requesting authority for use of a Buggy.